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We deliver the best Ukraine Produced Wood Pellets which come “loose” and are “blown” through a 100mm pipe into a suitable dry storage unit….


Waterproof and condensation free it is invaluable as an external store for wood pellets. They are manufactures in Ukraine by Biomass Wood Energy…


We have cam-locks available to assist you with modifications to your system to ensure that it allows the access requires on pellet delivery….

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Wood pellets feature a decisive advantage: The raw material they are produced from is renewable. Ukraine is among the most richly forested countries in Europe. Over 30 million solid cubic meters of wood grow back each year.

The timber stock in Ukraine forests has been increasing for years, despite intensive utilization as construction timber, for paper manufacturing, and as an energy source.

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Since wood absorbs the same quantity of COfrom the atmosphere while growing as is emitted during combustion, wood fuels prevent an increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Even if one takes the deployment of fossil fuels for the production and transport of wood pellets into account, the result is a CO2 reduction of over 95 % compared to the use of heating oil. That is the finding of a study which examined energy usage during wood pellet production in Ukraine.


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“Posso presentarmi stamattina una consegna di pellet avvenuta con pochissima polvere, probabilmente la consegna migliore che abbia mai ottenuto. Grazie, signor Krokov, mi fido delle tue parole.”
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