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Material Pure natural bamboo/hardwood charcoal

Type Black charcoal, machine-made charcoal

Moisture                         3-10% max
Ash                                  10% max
pH                                   8-10%
Composition:              C 75% min

Calories                        5000-7000 Kcal/kg
Product size               0.2-8 cm, or according to customer’s requirement
Heat value                  700-800 0C

Use Anti-monsoon flooring.Use decorating, feng shui. Deodorant, detoxifying, dehumidifiers, reducing radiation from computers, televisions, prevent soil rays reduced. It’s best when used in car deodorizer, refrigerator, wardrobe.
Shape Round cylinder, Scrap, grain, powder,microned powder.


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Our Bamboo charcoal is of good standard and well knows for the high quality, the quality of our charcoal is a highest priority to us, all our charcoal must be complied with the international standard EN 1860 -2 and no chemical is allowed.  and  also on various shapes

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