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Name  Spruce Plywood
SIZE: (MM) 1220×2440, 920×2140 Etc
FANCY FACE(S) Spruce wood (
ADVANTAGE Produced by imported assembled system machines,water washed and highly calibrated and high finish sanding
DENSITY From 500KG/M3 up to 550KG/M3;
COLOR REQUEST: Light color (light brown or light grey) is available;
USAGE Doors, tops and side panels for cabinets, and parts of furniture.


  • Light and dimensionally stable
  • Strong and rigid
  • Can act simultaneously as load-bearing construction and stiffening element
  • Easy to machine and fasten using conventional woodworking tools and fasteners
  • Can withstand impacts and other forms of bruising
  • Weather and  boil proof bonding


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Spruce plywood panels are light, easy to work with and easy to install using conventional wood-working tools and fasteners. As well as being beautifully light colored, Spruce plywood is also up to 20% lighter than many alternatives whilst maintaining similar strength characteristics and resistance to humidity. Excellent weather and boil-proofing is ensured by using fully water proof adhesives in our manufacturing process

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